Craft House

Craft House was an event-based exhibition space located on the Avenue for the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Craft House provided exhibition opportunities and educational events to artists from 2013-2016.

ArtPrize Artist Talk: Britt Spencer

ArtPrize artist Britt Spencer will discuss his bold-colored, large-scale paintings during this one-night event.

Spencer's work is big--canvases measure between 4' x 5' to 6' x 8'. It is bold--ketchup red, McDonald's yellow, caution sign orange mix with soft sage greens and pinks. And it challenges conventional taste. Spencer prefers the terms “red herring storytelling” and “impotent narratives." His scenes are both vividly descriptive and frustratingly vague while gently referencing cultural taboos with sexual imagery and ambiguous violence. Spencer makes use of, or rather misuses, signs in a way to obscure communication and increase the distance between the viewer and artist. "Fireside Chats" is a nod to FDR’s "fireside chats”, a series of radio addresses that became a staple of Roosevelt's presidency. Criticism of these evening broadcasts pointed to political objectives that were delivered to the masses under a label that belied their intentions. In this case, the title suggest all sorts of virtues; warmth, family, confidence, strength, narratives and the sharing of ideas in the development of meaningful relationships, but in reality Spencer's work is very different, if not exactly the opposite of these things.  

Britt Spencer was raised in Lexington, KY. He received his BFA (2005) in illustration and his MFA (2011) in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. He now teaches at SCAD as an adjunct professor of illustration.

Past exhibitions include:

  • The Widowmaker, Widowmaker Studios, Savannah, GA (2015)
  • Marquis: Contez Fleurette, Blue Gallery, Lacoste, France (2014)
  • Oddly Enough, Alexander Brest Museum, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL (2014)
  • Brilliant Optics, Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Fort Wayne, Indiana (2013)